various clay paper and plastic plant pots on table with green watering can with natural background

Container Gardening Ideas (best guide for beginners)

To my fellow gardeners, I understand both the delight and challenges of tending to our gardens. Perhaps you’ve faced space limitations or needed help to ...
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closeup of green lacewing insect on white background

Natural Pest Control (organic garden pest control methods)

After weeks of tending your garden, you finally see your plants flourishing, only to discover squash bugs lurking beneath the leaves. The disappointment of such ...
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white bowl of red amaranth microgreens next to sunny windowsill and scissors

Amaranth Microgreens (nutrition and growing guide)

If you want a nutritious and easy-to-grow addition to your meals, look no further than amaranth microgreens. In this article, I discuss the nutritional profile ...
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blooming pink and purple sweet pea flowers in small glass vase

Sweet Pea Companion Plants (herbs, flowers, and vegetables to plant in your garden)

Imagine walking through a friend’s garden, captivated by the vibrant, blooming sweet peas that seem to dance in the sunlight. Inspired, you decide to introduce ...
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several cooked chicken bones in a row on white background

Can You Compost Chicken Bones (from plate to compost pile) 

Every gardener has their comfort food, and for me, chicken is one that never disappoints. After enjoying a savory meal, you might ponder what to ...
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wooden basket filled with composting food scraps in outside garden

How Do I Start A Compost Pile At Home (a step-by-step guide to composting)

Have you ever been like me and wondered what to do with the heap of kitchen scraps piling up in your trash? After all, it ...
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person husking ear of corn above several others resting on wooden table

Can You Compost Corn Cobs And Husks For Sustainable Composting

After enjoying some fresh, sweet corn from the backyard garden, there are always the cobs and husks that remain. Instead of discarding them, one might ...
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pistachios in small cup next to wooden spoon on dark wood table

Can You Compost Pistachio Shells (a biodegradable choice)

A lot of backyard gardeners are interested in self-sustainability. Like other gardeners, you can reduce waste and have started a compost pile. So, you might ...
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small patch of harvested broccoli microgreens on wooden table

Broccoli Microgreens 101 (growing and nutrition guide)

Imagine having all the benefits of broccoli and more packed into tiny, vibrant greens. With broccoli microgreens, this is precisely what you’re getting, and you ...
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several white mealybugs with black ant crawling on the stem of a plant

Do Ladybugs Eat Mealybugs (using lady beetles in your backyard garden)

Imagine strolling through your garden, enjoying the peacefulness. You’re checking out your flowers and plants, remembering how hard you’ve worked to make this place special, ...
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