blooming pink and purple sweet pea flowers in small glass vase

Sweet Pea Companion Plants (herbs, flowers, and vegetables to plant in your garden)

Imagine walking through a friend’s garden, captivated by the vibrant, blooming sweet peas that seem to dance in the sunlight. Inspired, you decide to introduce ...
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bunch of harvested pink and white turnips from garden

Companion Plants For Turnips (the gardener’s guide for friendly turnip neighbors and what to avoid)

You’ve harvested many delicious turnip greens but noticed other plants in your garden aren’t doing well, and there are bugs everywhere. As a backyard gardener, ...
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closeup of green mint plant on white wooden table

Companion Plants For Mint (a gardener’s guide to the best and worst mint companion plants)

I recently had friends over for a backyard barbecue and wanted to make a mint-infused drink. As I plucked the fresh mint leaves from my ...
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rows of various young green vegetables growing in garden in sunlight dark soil

Companion Planting 101 (a complete guide)

Gardeners have long been aware of the benefits of companion planting to increase the success of their crops. Choosing the best companion plants can benefit ...
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person touching arrangement of colorful zinnia flowers on dark gray background

10 Best Zinnia Companion Plants

Welcome gardeners! It sounds like you’ve found happiness and peace in the colorful zinnias that brighten up your backyard. Now, as you set out on ...
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stack of white onions on wooden butcher's block with dark wood background

Companion Plants For Onions (the good, bad and the ugly)

Are you hoping to cultivate an abundant and flourishing garden this season? Look no further than the incredible technique of companion planting. This method promotes ...
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vine ripening tomatoes in outdoor garden with water droplets

Tomato Companion Plants (you’ll be amazed)

Friendly tomato companion plants are some of the most common and popular vegetables any gardener can grow. And now, it’s easier than ever to help ...
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pictures of young plant in soil gardener holding vegetable basket and bee on flower

19 Benefits Of Companion Planting (secrets to a sustainable and thriving garden)

Are you tired of your garden’s constant battle against pests and low productivity? Then, discovering the benefits of companion planting may be the solution you ...
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three heads of freshly harvested lettuce on a plate outside

Companion Plants For Lettuce (check this out)

Greetings and salutations, fellow gardening enthusiasts! Are you looking to discover the best companion plants for lettuce so you can take your leafy greens to ...
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two freshly washed purple eggplants resting on cloth and wooden table

Companion Plants For Eggplant

Hey there, backyard growers! Do you choose the best companion plants for eggplant to boost your crop and see some awe-inspiring results? Then perhaps it’s ...
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