closeup of outdoor raised stone garden filled with flowers and vegetables in sunlight

Growing An Edible Garden (best plant ideas)

If you want to try growing an edible garden, you’re in the right place! Learn how to figure out where to plant, pick the correct ...
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colorful flowers decorating a white plate on white background

Growing Edible Flowers In Your Garden (read this guide first)

As a gardener, you may want something new to spice up your garden. You need more than the usual vegetables and herbs, so you search ...
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closeup of orange marigold flower blooming in outdoor garden

Are Marigolds Edible (discover the variety of  marigold flowers)

As you take care of your garden, you may come across bright marigold flowers and watch their beautiful hues of yellow and orange flowers dance ...
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red hibiscus flower blooming in garden

Is Hibiscus Flower Edible (hibiscus recipes to eat)

Creating an edible flower garden is delightful, blending blossoming plants’ beauty with homegrown food’s practicality. As you plan your garden, you’re likely considering a variety ...
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blooming pink zinnias in garden with green foliage

Are Zinnias Edible (exploring zinnias as a culinary ingredient)

As a home gardener, I love edible plants that are beautiful and easy to care for. Recently, my beautiful zinnias caught my eye while walking ...
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