stacked wooden garden beds with rows of growing strawberry plants in sunlight

Build A Keyhole Garden Bed (a complete guide)

In today’s gardening world, a fascinating and eco-friendly method is getting gardeners all around the globe excited. Knowing how to build a keyhole garden bed, ...
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closeup of orange marigold flower blooming in outdoor garden

Are Marigolds Edible (discover the variety of  marigold flowers)

As you take care of your garden, you may come across bright marigold flowers and watch their beautiful hues of yellow and orange flowers dance ...
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white and block community garden sign hanging on wooden post outside

Community Gardening Benefits (growing health and food together)

Gardening is a passion for many, and we understand your commitment to ensuring your home garden looks its best. But sometimes, even experienced growers need ...
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green fern plant growing outdoors with natural sunlight

What Plants Like Afternoon Sun (garden sun plants that thrive in morning shade and afternoon sun)

Have you ever stood in your garden, wondering what plants like afternoon sun? Imagine it’s a hot summer day, and you want to make your ...
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red hibiscus flower blooming in garden

Is Hibiscus Flower Edible (hibiscus recipes to eat)

Creating an edible flower garden is delightful, blending blossoming plants’ beauty with homegrown food’s practicality. As you plan your garden, you’re likely considering a variety ...
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young green vegetable plants growing in rows in hydroponic system

Grow Herbs Hydroponically (revolutionary tips for growing indoor hydroponic herbs)

Imagine you’re a backyard gardener with a passion for growing fresh herbs. However, challenges like limited space, unpredictable weather, or poor soil quality hinder your ...
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blooming pink zinnias in garden with green foliage

Are Zinnias Edible (exploring zinnias as a culinary ingredient)

As a home gardener, I love edible plants that are beautiful and easy to care for. Recently, my beautiful zinnias caught my eye while walking ...
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colorful zinnias in garden with natural green background

Grow Zinnias In Pots (potted zinnia care)

As you start exploring gardening, you may face the challenge of needing more space. You may want to grow your favorite zinnia flower, but the ...
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various sized wooden raised garden beds outside in sunlight

Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

Vegetable gardening can take up a lot of space, which some people don’t have. Maybe your backyard is paved or neatly landscaped, making digging up ...
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closeup view of ripening tomatoes on plant in sunlight

Does Your Vegetable Garden Need Morning Or Afternoon Sun

If you’re wondering the best time of day for your garden to receive light, good on you for thinking ahead! Undoubtedly, it is a crucial ...
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