person holding patch of mature microgreens

Growing Microgreens Outdoors (the joy of microgreens in your backyard)

Hold on to your gardening gloves because growing microgreens is not only nutritious but can also be a lot of fun! Imagine choosing from a ...
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graphic of various shades of brightness for light bulbs on grey background

Microgreen Lights And The Importance Of Light Spectrum For Growing Nutritious Microgreens

Welcome to the world of microgreen growing! Whether you are a new or experienced grower, plants need light to mature correctly. Without it, these tiny ...
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metal can watering various types of mature microgreens with black background

How To Water Microgreens (your in-depth guide)

Microgreens are an emerging popular trend due to their widely discussed health benefits. But it’s not just because these tiny plants pack a powerful nutritional ...
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small black plastic microgreen tray filled with soil near full trays on windowsill

Choosing The Best Soil For Microgreens (the secret to success)

Every responsible grower understands that achieving great success in the garden depends on soil composition. The dirt under your feet is like the engine that ...
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closeup pictures of small patch of microgreens and sprouts

Microgreens vs Sprouts (uncover the differences and get growing)

Microgreens vs sprouts. Which is better? If you’re ready to take your microgreens skills to the next level yet still wondering about the differences between ...
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small white plate of harvested microgreens next to scissors on wood table

Do Microgreens Regrow After Cutting

The benefits of growing fresh microgreens at home are too numerous to count. You can grow them year-round, the setup is affordable, and these little ...
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closeup of person holding three paper wrappers in hands of different microgreens

How To Get Rid Of Mold On Microgreens (easy fixes)

Microgreens are tiny seedlings that abundantly proliferate, taste great, and pack a powerful nutritional punch. However, if you don’t know how to get rid of ...
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various colorful microgreens recently harvested on metal spoons on white wooden table

How To Grow Microgreens At Home (definitive guide)

How to grow microgreens at home? That’s the question many growers ask themselves who want to get in on this unique crop that is as ...
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