small patch of harvested broccoli microgreens on wooden table

Broccoli Microgreens 101 (growing and nutrition guide)

Imagine having all the benefits of broccoli and more packed into tiny, vibrant greens. With broccoli microgreens, this is precisely what you’re getting, and you ...
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several white mealybugs with black ant crawling on the stem of a plant

Do Ladybugs Eat Mealybugs (using lady beetles in your backyard garden)

Imagine strolling through your garden, enjoying the peacefulness. You’re checking out your flowers and plants, remembering how hard you’ve worked to make this place special, ...
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red ladybug crawling on tip of brown stem outdoors

Do Ladybugs Eat Spiders (you’ll be surprised)

After strolling in my garden, soaking up the sunshine, and admiring the flowers, I noticed a ladybug perched gracefully on a leaf. Just a few ...
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ladybug and ant on stem of plant outdoors with natural green background

Do Ladybugs Eat Ants (natural pest control in your backyard)

As I wandered through my garden, appreciating the beauty of the plants I’ve nurtured, I spotted a lady beetle in flight. Knowing they’re natural helpers ...
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closeup of adult thrip insect on green leaf in garden

Do Ladybugs Eat Thrips (battling thrips in your backyard)

Have you ever had a problem with harmful pests like damaging thrips in your backyard garden? If so, you’re probably wondering if there’s a natural ...
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bunch of harvested pink and white turnips from garden

Companion Plants For Turnips (the gardener’s guide for friendly turnip neighbors and what to avoid)

You’ve harvested many delicious turnip greens but noticed other plants in your garden aren’t doing well, and there are bugs everywhere. As a backyard gardener, ...
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closeup of green mint plant on white wooden table

Companion Plants For Mint (a gardener’s guide to the best and worst mint companion plants)

I recently had friends over for a backyard barbecue and wanted to make a mint-infused drink. As I plucked the fresh mint leaves from my ...
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colorful flowers decorating a white plate on white background

Growing Edible Flowers In Your Garden (read this guide first)

As a gardener, you may want something new to spice up your garden. You need more than the usual vegetables and herbs, so you search ...
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rows of various young green vegetables growing in garden in sunlight dark soil

Companion Planting 101 (a complete guide)

Gardeners have long been aware of the benefits of companion planting to increase the success of their crops. Choosing the best companion plants can benefit ...
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closeup of orange marigold flower blooming in outdoor garden

Are Marigolds Edible (discover the variety of  marigold flowers)

As you take care of your garden, you may come across bright marigold flowers and watch their beautiful hues of yellow and orange flowers dance ...
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