small black plastic microgreen tray filled with soil near full trays on windowsill

Choosing The Best Soil For Microgreens (the secret to success)

Every responsible grower understands that achieving great success in the garden depends on soil composition. The dirt under your feet is like the engine that ...
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fresh ears of yellow corn on table in corn field and setting sun

Companion Plants For Corn (full review)

Greetings, fellow growers! Are you looking for effective ways to enhance your corn plants’ growth while improving taste and yield? If so, it’s time to ...
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closeup of small pile of harvested green peas

Companion Plants For Peas (this is what you need to know)

If you’re a home gardener looking for the greatest companion plants for peas, you can achieve your goal with the age-old gardening practice called companion ...
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closeup pictures of small patch of microgreens and sprouts

Microgreens vs Sprouts (uncover the differences and get growing)

Microgreens vs sprouts. Which is better? If you’re ready to take your microgreens skills to the next level yet still wondering about the differences between ...
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celery sticks on white table next to cut celery in white bowl

Celery Companion Plants (quick, easy, and effective)

Hey, there, fellow gardeners! Are you looking for a natural way to grow healthy and abundant celery harvests? Let’s talk about all the fantastic benefits ...
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small batch of fresh red beets and green leaves on kitchen counter

Companion Plants for Beets (the top 5 buddies for beets)

Companion planting is a fun and rewarding way to grow a few plants and root crops together, benefiting both you as the grower and the ...
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yellowing cucumber leaf covered with white spotted fungal infection

How To Get Rid Of Fungus In Vegetable Garden (5 easy steps)

You’ve sown your seeds, watered the garden, added nutrient-rich compost, and are becoming more excited with each passing day as you watch your plants stretch ...
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closeup of mature head of fresh cauliflower growing in sunlight in garden

Cauliflower Companion Plants (choosing the right ones for better yields)

Growing cauliflower is fun, rewarding, and exciting, not to mention delicious! Aside from being super nutritious, you can grow this tasty vegetable twice yearly for ...
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closeup of red ladybug crawling on wooden plank with natural green background

Do Ladybugs Eat Spider Mites And Eggs (natural pest control for plants)

Imagine entering your well-cared-for backyard, filled with thriving cannabis plants you’ve nurtured, only to find them pale and wilted. The culprits? Spider mites. Although these ...
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large number of red spider mites and webbing on green leaf in garden

How To Get Rid Of Red Spider Mites On My Veggies

How to get rid of red spider mites on my veggies is an age-old question many gardeners have asked themselves. And while red spider mites ...
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