About Humble Garden Life

People say gardening is a skill that takes time to learn. And while I agree, it can take much less time than you realize to get up and running successfully. Making this popular activity one of the easiest and most rewarding pursuits you can undertake.

There are no mistakes in gardening, only lessons to be learned. Whether growing inside or out, your garden becomes the classroom, Mother Nature the teacher.”

I’ve been growing productive vegetable plants out in our backyard organic garden in rural North Carolina for years. As a result, we have an edible forest full of plump tomatoes, juicy cucumbers, crisp peppers, and nickle-size blueberries to name a few. We know the growing process just as we know what went into the soil.

I did it without any fancy agricultural degree or online advice because I needed more money for the degree and found little practical advice. Just by being an enthusiast with a million questions, and learning on the go each day, our garden’s annual results prove that anyone can reap the benefits with a little elbow grease, planning, and desire.

I decided that if we could succeed on our little plot, that experience gained would be your gift because knowledge is meant to be shared. So I’m continually building this site as I learn because sharing is always better with others.

After all, knowledge and passion are lifelong endeavors if you follow your heart and believe in a higher purpose in helping others along the way.

“Being a humble gardener means having a simple yet practical approach in helping you learn and achieve food independence.”

Being a humble gardener means having a simple yet practical approach that helps you learn and achieve food independence. No fluff. No BS. No filler. Just honest, straightforward information you can use immediately wherever you may be in your gardening journey.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or have years of experience growing your delicious grub. We all start somewhere, yet all share the same gardening passion of helping each other and learning along the way. Thank you for being part of our humble and budding community!

We are all ears if you’d like to suggest a future vegetable topic that may benefit you. Drop us a line at humblegardenlife@gmail.com.

As always, thank you for being you, and happy growing!