closeup of kitchen scraps in bucket sprinkled with bran ready for compost

Bokashi Bran Composting (how to make and use premium Bokashi bran at home)

Bokashi bran is a clever ingredient when added to compost because it aids in accelerated fermentation with the work of essential microorganisms. Suppose you are ...
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closeup of peeled potato skins on wooden cutting board near peeling knife

Compost Potato Peels (can you put potato peels in compost bin)

If you’ve just finished prepping potatoes and you’re staring at a pile of spent peels, you might be considering whether you can turn them into ...
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large wicker basket full of baked crabs outdoors in sunlight

Can You Compost Crab Shells (complete guide to composting these tasty crustaceans)

If you’re an avid gardener and seafood enthusiast, you might wonder if those leftover crab shells could serve a purpose beyond filling up your kitchen’s ...
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overhead view of small batch of raw white button mushrooms in kitchen

Can You Put Mushrooms In The Compost Bin (benefits and drawbacks)

Can you put mushrooms in the compost bin? If you’ve noticed the mushrooms in your refrigerator are past their prime, it’s a question you may ...
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large pile of different sized brown cardboard boxes with dark wood background

Compost Cardboard (how long does it take to decompose)

If you’ve ever found yourself surrounded by piles of cardboard, you might wonder how to dispose of it responsibly. Well, good news! Aside from recycling, ...
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closeup of large stack of black and white newspapers

Can You Compost Newspaper and Other Inked Paper Products

Can you compost newspaper? Well, suppose you are surrounded by stacks of newspapers and other paper products in your home, wondering how to repurpose them ...
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small pile of white paper towels resting on kitchen countertop indoors

Compostable Paper Towels (can you really toss this indispensable kitchen staple in your compost)

Do you ever find yourself in your kitchen, contemplating the environmental impact of every disposed item you toss in the trash? What about those used ...
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gardener spreading mulch and composting into trenched garden bed outdoors

Easily Make Bokashi Compost For Your Home Garden

If you’ve found this unique article, you’ve likely been seeking a practical solution for your cooking and kitchen scraps that is efficient, space-saving, eco-friendly, and ...
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coffee grounds for plants

Using Coffee Grounds For Plants As Garden Food And Fertilizer

Sustainable gardening practices are becoming crucial, and for coffee enthusiasts with a green thumb, using coffee grounds for plants and crops offers a great opportunity. ...
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half cut and crushed brown and white eggshells on table

Ways To Use Eggshells In The Garden Plants

While many routinely discard eggshells after breakfast, our commitment to sustainable gardening compels us to reconsider this practice. As resourceful gardeners, we’re determined to recycle ...
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