three young tomato plants in pots on wooden table next to several ripe cherry tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes In Container (complete guide)

Growing tomatoes in container is a popular and rewarding way to enjoy fresh, homegrown tomatoes, even with limited garden space. Container gardening allows you to control the ...
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closeup of uprooted potato plant with round potatoes in dark soil in backyard garden

Growing Potatoes In Container (tips & tricks)

Potatoes are a versatile and nutritious staple in many diets worldwide – not to mention a backyard favorite among home growers. Cultivating your own spuds can indeed ...
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small wicker basket filled with harvested garden potatoes on outdoor wooden deck

When To Harvest Potatoes In Containers (this is what you need to know)

Determining when to collect your homegrown spuds can be essential for a successful yield. You might wonder when to harvest potatoes in containers and how ...
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bush cherry tomato plant with green tomatoes growing in large container along with another young plant in sunlight

What Size Container Is Best For Growing Tomatoes (truth)

When it comes to backyard gardening, knowing what size container is best for growing tomatoes can significantly impact your plants’ health and productivity. The size ...
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russet potatoes pilling out of sackcloth onto dirt in outdoor garden in sunlight

Problems Growing Potatoes In Containers (and what to do about it)

While cultivating homegrown potatoes in containers, you may encounter various challenges that hinder your success. Problems growing potatoes in containers include limited space, waterlogging risks, ...
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closeup of recently watered ripe cherry tomatoes on vine surrounded by green leaves

Indeterminate Tomatoes In Containers (common solutions for a common homegrown staple)

If you’ve ever considered cultivating indeterminate tomatoes in containers, you’ve entered into a rewarding yet challenging journey. The appeal of fresh, homegrown tomatoes at your ...
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large woven basket of russet potatoes spilling out over a dark wooden table

How To Grow Potatoes In A Container Indoors

If you’re curious about how to grow potatoes in a container indoors, there are several key factors to consider for successful cultivation. From selecting a suitable variety to ...
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closeup of small brown seed potato with eyes and sprouts on dark wooden table

How To Grow Potatoes In A Bucket Indoors (5 tips when starting out)

If you’ve ever wondered about how to grow potatoes in a bucket indoors, a simple 5-gallon solution could be your new best friend. The process ...
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closeup of two green potato plants growing in outdoor pot in dark soil

How To Grow Potatoes In A 5 Gallon Bucket

To discover how to grow potatoes in a 5 gallon bucket successfully, you must pay close attention to the planting process and maintenance. Starting with ...
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small green tomato plant growing in soil in plastic cup with white background

How Deep Do Containers Need To Be For Tomatoes

The critical factor to consider when growing tomatoes in containers is the depth requirement. You might wonder, how deep do containers need to be for ...
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