coffee grounds for plants

Using Coffee Grounds For Plants As Garden Food And Fertilizer

Sustainable gardening practices are becoming crucial, and for coffee enthusiasts with a green thumb, using coffee grounds for plants and crops offers a great opportunity. ...
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half cut and crushed brown and white eggshells on table

Ways To Use Eggshells In The Garden Plants

While many routinely discard eggshells after breakfast, our commitment to sustainable gardening compels us to reconsider this practice. As resourceful gardeners, we’re determined to recycle ...
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green garden gloves covered in soil on wooden plank

How To Prepare Garden Soil For Next Year

If you have a green space that’s used proudly and frequently throughout the year, it’s essential that when winter arrives, you know how to prepare ...
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red metal shovel full of dark manure outside in sunlight

Safe To Use Manure (is it best to use compost or fresh manure in the home garden)

As a passionate backyard gardener, you know nurturing your plants takes time, effort, and knowledge. But let’s face it, there are moments when even experienced ...
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close up view of green plant in garden growing in straw mulch in sunlight

Mulching Garden With Straw (using straw mulch for vegetables)

As an avid grower, I know the importance of a thriving garden. Mulching garden with straw will be a game-changer in your space, with quality ...
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small green plant growing in soil with graphic of different soil nutrient abbreviations

Ways To Improve Soil Fertility

Have you ever poured your heart into your garden, carefully selecting each plant and attempting to implement nutrient management practices and soil fertility while eagerly ...
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gardener with boot on shovel digging into soil in garden

Benefits Of Adding Sand In The Garden Soil

Have you ever struggled to get anything growing in compacted or clay soil? It’s next to impossible! Remember the frustration and the overwhelming feeling of ...
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gardener holding small plant in dirt in both hands in sunlight

How To Make Soil Drain Better (fixing and improving poor garden drainage)

After a heavy rain or storm, you might be horrified to see your garden become the latest Great Lake, taking days to return to normal. ...
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yellowing cucumber leaf covered with white spotted fungal infection

How To Get Rid Of Fungus In Vegetable Garden (5 easy steps)

You’ve sown your seeds, watered the garden, added nutrient-rich compost, and are becoming more excited with each passing day as you watch your plants stretch ...
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person holding dirt with gloved hands preparing area in yard for garden

How To Improve Garden Soil Over The Winter (finally answered)

Discovering how to improve garden soil over the winter is crucial for many gardeners. Although it’s usually an idle time for many growers, the soil ...
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