Meet The Team

Humble Garden Life is here to help both beginning and seasoned gardeners grow various delicious vegetables, whether you are managing a small indoor garden in the city or a 10-acre plot in the country.

This page introduces our team of writers and contributors that help this site produce quality advice, experience, and knowledge so you can create your forever garden and achieve food independence.

Troy Blankenship

Owner of Humble Garden Life

Hi, I’m Troy, the owner of Humble Garden Life. I created this site to share my years of experience developing, growing, and harvesting the vegetable garden I humbly manage in North Carolina. 

There’s never a season where I don’t learn something new, and that’s what I enjoy most when it comes to home gardening. It never gets old or boring and there’s always something you can do. But most importantly, there is always absolute satisfaction and rewards. 

I did it all from scratch when I first set up my garden. As a result, there wasn’t much to go on, even spending tons of time researching on the internet. So, I decided to gather what little information I received, took a leap of faith, and learned as I went – making many mistakes along the way. 

But my determination helped form my unending desire to grow my own food. As a result, my “mistakes” became teachable experiences and creative expectations. Gardening changed my mindset, providing delicious food and helping me become a better person. 

That’s why I created Humble Garden Life. I wanted to develop a comprehensive roadmap and share my past and ongoing experiences, providing you with a shortcut to your growing success, whether a beginning gardener or a seasoned pro. 

I’ve always had a lifelong passion for growing vegetables. As a small kid, I was amazed that a tiny seed could grow to become food in a few short weeks or months. It’s rewarding to give back to people from all walks of life who share the same vision and dream I still have, and I am very fortunate and grateful to have the opportunity. 

Don’t forget to head on over and connect with me on my social media profiles below. I enjoy connecting with fellow gardeners from all over the world. And if you have a question related to gardening, feel free to contact me on my easy-peasy contact form you can find here