young tomato plants growing in rectangular container on wooden deck near yellow watering can

Best Tomatoes For Containers (read this first)

Selecting a suitable variety is crucial to considering the best tomatoes for containers. The choice of tomato can significantly impact your gardening experience and harvest ...
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person filling small clay pot with soil with metal garden space in grass near garden gloves

Best Soil Mixture For Growing Tomatoes In Containers

Selecting the best soil mixture for growing tomatoes in containers is essential to ensure your plants flourish in your backyard garden. Opting for a soilless ...
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arious heirloom tomatoes in different colors shapes and sizes on wooden table

Best Heirloom Tomatoes For Containers

Selecting suitable varieties is essential for cultivating the best heirloom tomatoes for containers. Certain heirloom breeds’ compact nature fits well in containers and offers unique ...
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four large green grow bags filled with soil and young potato plants in outdoor garden with natural surroundings

Best Container For Growing Potatoes (what you need to know)

When it comes to selecting the best container for growing potatoes, you’ll want to consider various factors that can significantly impact the success of your ...
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closeup of ripe cherry tomatoes on vine in outdoor garden in sunlight

Best Cherry Tomatoes For Containers (answered)

When considering the best cherry tomatoes for containers, selecting the right variety is vital for a successful harvest. While Tumbling Tom and Sun Sugar are ...
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mature potted plants with ripening cherry tomatoes outdoors on dark wooden table

Best Bush Tomatoes For Containers

When considering the best bush tomatoes for containers, focus on varieties that thrive in limited spaces while producing a complete harvest of flavorful fruits. The ...
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large number of black flea beetles eating plant leaves in outdoor vegetable garden

Will Soapy Water Kill Flea Beetles

If you notice your garden plants being attacked by tiny, jumping beetles, you’re likely dealing with the notorious flea beetle. It’s frustrating to watch these ...
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closeup of red spider mite crawling on green leaf with black background

Predatory Mites vs. Spider Mites (the ultimate guide)

Have you found yourself inspecting your plants, puzzled by tiny webs and sickly leaves? Gardening is supposed to be a peaceful and productive hobby, but ...
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underside of picked green and brown leaf infested with mites on white paper

Predatory Mites For Russet Mites (what you need to know)

If you’re cultivating eggplant, potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes and have encountered Russet mites, you know how challenging and stressful it can be to protect your ...
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closeup of brown and tan grasshopper on top of flower pistil outside with natural background

Plants That Repel Grasshoppers

If you’ve found yourself frustrated by grasshoppers’ relentless munching on your garden plants, you’re not alone. Many gardeners face this challenge and seek natural solutions ...
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